FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Wart hog

Here is the section where you will find the most frequently asked questions to plan a hunting stay in Gambia. To receive further information do not hesitate to contact us using the Contact page on our website Le Phaco.com

What about the mosquitos?: There are very few mosquitos in Gambia, however, it is recommended to bring with you a repellant spray.

What about the water?: Only mineral water is used in the kitchen for the preparation of meals and to make ice cubes.

What about hippopotamus aggressions?: The hippos are at two hours from the camp. Attacks or confrontations are very rare.

What about crocodile attacks?: Like the hippos, the crocodiles are not close the camp, we very seldom have attacks

I wish to lengthen my stay: Patrick will take you in a zone where you will have access to wifi and you will be able to contact your travel agent and make the necessary.

I wish to bring my partner: There is a Companion Package already in place for a companion that doesn?t hunt. The Companion Package is based on the same conditions than for the hunter (without the hunting). The total price for the stay is of 800 Euros. You will share your box with your companion.

How much pocket money must I plan to bring with me?: One must plan his budget accordingly to the game that will be hunted. The cartridges are sold on site. For bigger game; like the baboon, the crocodile and the hippo, one must look at about 20 bullets (bullets can be imported from foreign countries, not cartridges).

You may want to plan a certain amount of cash for outings to near by villages, souvenirs, markets or any extra outings not offered by the camp Le Phaco. The camp has to your disposal a safety box for free in case you need it. Patrick could exchange your money.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to ask any questions using our information form.

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