Gambia, West Africa

Gambia and its geography

This enclave of Senegal, located at a few hours from the Dakar Airport, runs along the river banks. Gambia is of 11 295 km² in total area. With its narrow shape, Gambia do not exceed 48 km in width.

Map of Gambia

The river is an asset for the occupants as it allows to travel on it but also it gives the privilege to appreciate a more traditional fishing grown on a small scale. The total flight duration from London to Dakar is six hours.

You will be carried by the beauty of this country known for his famous Gambian slogan "Smiling Coast of West Africa".

Rio Gambia

Gambia has a flat landscape surface, consisting of swampy prairies and hills. The highest altitude point do not exceed 55 m. The Capital is Banjul which is at a few kilometers from the Yundum Airport.

Gambia's weather

Gambia is in a torrid zone. Therefore the weather is mostly hot all year around and exceptionally sunny. In Gambia there are two distinctive seasons; the dry season in June and the raining season from July to December.

Gambia has prairies vegetation with many land reserved for agriculture and traditional cultivations such as mangos, cotton, corn, peanuts and rice. The hunting season at Le Phaco camp is from January to April. Gambia, previously under the British Empire, is independent since 1965. That explains why many Gambians speak English.

Touristic activities

Local markets: You will be taken to Basse Santa Su, commonly know as Basse, at the typical market in one of our Patrol 4x4. There you will enjoy the local products set in a colorful display. In Basse, you will find, shops and Doctor Offices. If using cash, you will save the fee of 2% that will otherwise be added to your purchases.

Shops in Gambia

Additional information

In Gambia, tourists are not approached in the street by beggars. Gambians have little tolerance for mendicancy and appreciate a lot more if outsiders bring with them, pens and exercise writing books for their children.

A celebration party is organized by the near by villagers each Friday evening at the camp. A typical celebration, with the rhythms of songs and dances from the villagers and their children.

In organizing various stays at the camp Le Phaco, I especially like a humanitarian aid directly to the neighbor villagers. To give you an idea, I regularly buy 50 kg of rice for them and also give schooling material for the children.

Crafts of Gambia

We are called "The Toubabs". No insults intended by some interpretations of the word. They simply gave us that name.

The typical Gambian ambience is well present at the camp. The guides are people available to you with a vast knowledge of the land and of the hunting area that surounds the camp. The camp Le Phaco will leave you with a memorable stay that will be extraordinary and unusual.

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