Planing of a hunting or fishing stay

Complete garments and attire

I strongly suggest light clothing and a warmer sweater for the evenings where it could be quite cool as the sun disappears, especially in January and February.

  • One strong cotton trouser to avoid cuts and to prevent the thorns from certain plants to get through
  • One or two pairs of shorts or bermudas
  • Three T-Shirts and 2 light long sleeves ones
  • One hunting shirt, light fabric with long sleeves not to get sun burns
  • Socks in fine wool, any nylon and cotton ones to be avoided
  • One pair of walking / hiking shoes, hight at the ankles and light in weight. (the feet must breath and the shoes must be of high quality)
  • A baseball cap or any type of hat in thick cotton
  • A pair of beach or sand sandals
  • A flashlight
  • A pocket knife
  • A water flask
  • A pair of sunglasses (that can strongly stop the glare of the sun to better aim at the game)
  • One hunting vest or a strap bag that can be carried across your shoulder and chest to carry the bullets and cartridges.

Shotgun or rifle caliber 12, 20 or 28

The weather reaches pretty high temperatures such as 40°C. Therefore, the gun barrel will get really hot due to shooting many times at game. We strongly suggest that you bring a nice quality and well kept shotgun or rifle.

Because of the prohibition to import cartridges in Gambia, do not bring your own cartridges. We sale them at the camp Le Phaco. However you will be authorized to bring a maximum of twenty bullets in a small case. It is obligatory to declare your firearm and ammunitions at the Airport and to mentioned them when you reserve your plane ticket.


It is strongly suggested that you hold an European firearm permit. (Plan about five days of wait from your City Hall). Remember to take the case for your shotgun or rifle to facilitate its transport. It will be mandatory to secure your firearm in an appropriate locked case in the airplane.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

  • Imodium to treat diarrhea
  • Paracétamol to relieve minor aches and pains
  • Lariam or Malarone to prevent or treat malaria
  • Sun screen
  • A tube of Biafine to treat and ease small burns
  • A tube of Apaisyl to ease bites or skin irritations
  • Gauze or any other type of bandages for blisters
  • One compression bandage

Even though we have all the First Aid necessities, it is imperative not to forget that we are located in full nature.

We strongly suggest that you get vaccinated for the Jungle Yellow Fever one month before your departure.

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