Welcome to the hunting camp Le Phaco

Campamento Le Phaco

The Camp was previously known under the name of Le Bouky. I named it Le Phaco. I wish to develop hunting that will rhymes with tranquility and serenity from January to April.

With my team, I will have you immersed in a stay where you will feel at home. After a day of hunting, the tranquility of Gambia will fill your spirit of serenity. Located on the edge of the Gambia River, in Madyana, the camp is at eight hours by car on roads and Dakar roads, surrounded by vegetation. It is therefore strongly recommended to pass one night in Saly to rest from the trip and leave at day break to reach the camp.Any reservation for one night in Saly must be made by the hunter.


The camp Le Phaco, is buildup of ten boxes accommodated for Hunting/Fishing stays.
Each box have a double bed, a complete bathroom (shower, toilet and sink) and air conditioning.
Each hunter has to his disposal a box in the shade and in all tranquility.


The bar and restaurant offer a view directly on the river, which becomes an appreciated change of scenery at meal time. The river brings a nice cool air without the annoyance of mosquitos.

Le Phaco is located at about 30 minutes from the nearest village where you can find a welcoming culture and local products with a few markets that you would not want to miss.

For the fishing enthusiast and the hobby photographer or for the one that only wants to enjoy a boat ride on the river, a seven meters boat is available with a guide.

The team consist of ten trackers, two cooks, two chamber made and the maintenance employees. This staff will join me to make your stay the most memorable in a friendly ambience.

For all additional trips, the camp has qualified personnel with 4x4 Patrol. I insist that every hunter feels at ease during his/her stay. You will be greeted with a smile at the camp's bar and the cuisine will revive your taste buds. I insist on having a variety of meals in the European style. The kitchen size is of 40m², which allows us to organize meals for many people.

Also we offer take-out for picnics. Our goal is for you to appreciate moments of relaxation as well as good hunts. We have a generator set that allows us a 220 volts power.

Briefing before hunting

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