Hunting and fishing in Gambia at the camp Le Phaco

Hunting in Gambia

Numerous animals live in the Gambian bush. Our splendid hunting area covers over 115 000 hectares of land in total. Our reserve is entirely opened without fences, and surrounds the camp.

Wether a beginner or an experienced hunter, the hunting experience in Gambia will teach you Gambian field techniques either for small or large game. The hunting is controlled by the Gambian Office of Waters and Forestry.

Hunter in Africa

The hunting season in Gambia is open from January to April. A daily vehicle with three guides and three drivers are available to you by the Office of Waters and Forestry for each groups of three hunters.

Game in the surrounding of the camp

  • the Wart hog
  • the Francolin
  • the Partridge
  • the Guinea Fowl
  • the Stone Partridge
  • the Palmyra Pigeon
  • the Dove
  • the Sandgrouse
  • the Hare
  • the Baboon
Wart hog

Under conditions and authorization

The Gambian Authorities allow the kill of a maximum of three hippopotamus per year. For the hippo can be harmful to the population.

  • The crocodile of the Nile
  • The hippopotamus

Hunting day

Wake up time: 5:00 a.m. (breakfast served at the camp) It will be my pleasure to share these convivial moments with you. We leave at 6:00 a.m. for a morning hunt and we will return to the camp Le Phaco around noon.

We have lunch at the camp. There are a few hours to rest and free time, ideal for napping and have a shower. Hunters return for a second hunt at 5:00 p.m. until 8:30 p.m.

The length of hunts: Approximately six hours in the morning, approximately three hours in early evening.

Gambia games

Hunting formats

In small groups: the Francolin, the Guinea Fowl, the Palmyra Pigeon, the Quail, the Dove and the Hare.

Individually and in post: the Pigeons, the Turtle Dove and the Collared Dove..

In passing: we will hunt waiting by water areas, either in the morning or evening, the passing of doves and sandgrouse.

In approach or on lookout: we will hunt the Wart hog which is always accompanied. Very early in the morning. You will track game and the baboon at the edges of plantations.

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