Pricing for a hunting stay

2014 pricing, from January to April
PAX Hunting stay 8d / 7n 1 950,00 €
Extra day 180,00 €
PAX Companion Package 8d / 7n 800,00 €

Extra day 80,00 €
the unit Ammunition cartridge 0,56 €
Slaughter tax
the unit Warthog 100,00 €
the unit Hippopotamus 1 000,00 €
the unit Nile crocodile 300,00 €
the unit Baboon 100,00 €

1,950 Euros per hunter for a duration of 8 days / 7 nights

This price includes

  • The trip from the Dakar Airport to the post camp and return
  • Your entire stay is in an individual box furnished with a double bed, air conditioning, complete and private bathroom, laundry and room care included
  • The Full Pension formula includes breakfast, lunch and dinner with drinks included with the meals
  • The Welcome aperitif and the Departure aperitif is also included
  • We take the coverage of hunting party with vehicle, guide and driver
  • You have to your disposal, a safety box for valuables and money.
Hunter in Senegal

This price do not includes

  • The two way flight from where you are flying from
  • All drinks taken at other times than during scheduled meals and the tips
  • All personal expenses on site
  • Outings and/or nights spent in Dakar or Saly
  • Insurances

Companion Package

800,00 Euros PAX

Same privileges then the hunter without the hunts.
Sharing of the box with the hunter.

Discovering Gambia and its wildlife by boat

Gambia offers an exceptional view. In his/her free time, the photographer enthusiast, the companion and even the hunter will be taken by the beauty and variety of the Gambian wild life and vegetation.

Boat on Gambia River

The boat rides on the Gambian River must be reserved on site at the camp Le Phaco. This boat ride is quite enjoyable. The reflexions on the river that flows alongside of the camp are beautiful. You will assist to gorgeous sun sets, impressive birds in flight. The vegetation is particular to Gambia and can not be seen anywhere else. We are the only one to be located on the river's edge and to own a seven meter boat.

A cultural burst extraordinaire

You will notice that the women occupy important managing and working positions within the life of the village. Local people are very welcoming. The children's smile and the kindness of the people in general will carry you. You can participate to the schooling of the children by bringing them pens, pencils, markers, chalk and schooling writing material. They will be more then happy to accept your gifts. They give importance to the humanitarian exchange sometimes more then money.

Each time that game is brought back to the camp, part of it will be eaten on site and the rest will be partially given to the villagers. The hunting guiding team is very reliable and ready to land a hand. Always on the lookout to help the hunter. They know in and out the land and hunting reserve that surrounds the camp and are very knowledgeable about the hunting technics.

The camp Le Phaco gives employment opportunities to the near by villagers. Donations are regularly given to the occupants near camp and the killing taxes are then sent to the government.

Walks to the near by villages

There is a few villages to visit with a guide

  • Makaty, 30 minutes from camp
  • Karantaba, 30 minutes from the camp
  • Madyana, 10 minutes from the camp
  • Same, 25 minutes from the camp
Villages Gambia

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