Planing his hunting stay in Africa

Here are a few advices that will help you organize your stay at the hunting camp Le Phaco in Gambia.

Administrative formalities and customs

The passport must be valid for six months after your return date. You must have in your possession a return plane ticket.

Health formalities

It is obligatory to have gotten the vaccine against the Jungle Yellow Fever.

Jet lag

There is one hour less in summer and in the winter from London.

European hunting permit and license

Hunting permit and license

We strongly suggest that you also hold a valid European firearms permit. Expect at least five days from your City Hall.

A representative from the Gambian Office of Waters and Forestry will be present upon your arrival at the Airport to return your firearm case to you.


The money in Gambia is Dalasi: 1 Euro = 47 GMD
The CFA Franc can be used, 1 Euro = 6.50 FCFA
You will not be able to change the Dalasi in Senegal. It is therefore suggested to use it before you leave.

The language

The official language is French, though many Gambian speak English.

Helpful contacts in Gambia

  • Ambulance: 16
  • Police: 17
  • Fireman: 18
  • Inquiries: 151

To make phone calls from Gambia to European countries one must dial

00 + (country code) + the other numbers

To receive calls in Gambia from European countries the caller must dial

00 221 + local prefix + the number he wish to reach.

Republic de Gambia

Bring with you the addresses and phone numbers of your Embassy or Consulates in Gambia and in Senegal. In case of emergency, it may prove to be useful.

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